Taj EverFresh Sharbati Atta

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Taj Everfresh Sharbati

TAJ EverFresh – Sharbati Chakki Atta from the plush, fertile soils of Madhya Pradesh

Grains of Gold – A true wonder grain that will make you fall in love at first taste

TAJ EverFresh is a premium quality chakki atta made from MP Sharbati wheat which is harvested in the Sehore region of Madhya Pradesh. Sharbati Wheat is not just tastier, but also rich in proteins, making it more nutritious than regular Chakki Atta. Grown mainly in eight districts, spread across three agro-climatic zones, the wheat has slowly carved a niche for itself because of it’s shine, big grain size & a reputation for it’s flour, producing the tastiest Roti’s by far.

Enjoy lighter, softer & gourmet roti’s that last longer…

Brand Owned, controlled and marketed by Taj Foods Australia.

Owned In Australia