Basmati 101

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tajfoodsaustralia Try the following “best cooking method for basmati rice” with our Taj Classic Basmati Rice. Taj Classic goes through a special and unique aging process which results in its Extraordinary Length. The Grains elongate more than three times it’s original length on cooking making it the World’s Longest Basmati Rice. One cup of Uncooked Rice, gives approximately 4 Cups of Cooked Rice. We recommend to follow Pre-Cooking instructions closely. Trust us, the extra effort is worth it! Step 1: Pre-cooking Instructions: 1.Rinse the Rice thoroughly and drain out water. 2. Soak the rinsed rice for 30 min in water prior to cooking 3. Use a Large Cooking Pot with a Wide Base as Basmati Rice needs space to expand. Step 2: Open Pan/Boil: The ideal way to cook Taj Classic Basmati is the Open Pan Method. In a large cooking pot, bring water to boil (approximately 6-8 cups of water for a cup of rice) Add the washed, drained and soaked rice to boiling water. Cook uncovered for 12-14 minutes on medium heat. When rice is fully cooked, strain excess water and serve. Straining the water gets rid of excess starch, if any.