Taj Royal Vintage Basmati Rice

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TAJ ROYAL VINTAGE – Two Years Aged Basmati Rice

For those rare & special occasions where you want nothing but the best…

Most rice lovers may not realize that, like wine, Rice can improve with age and can also have vintage years.

Basmati relies on nature to mature & flourish so each year’s harvest is different. We have worked very closely with our farmers in India to set aside exceptionally good crops from each year’s harvest & store under specialized conditions in ventilated silos. As naturally fragrant rice, it develops more complex aromas and vibrant flavors over time, so by carefully storing and aging the rice, we are adding new dimensions to our existing offering.

Taj Royal Vintage Basmati is truly a Basmati Beyond Compare. Carefully selected only from the FINEST HARVESTS, & AUTHENTICALLY AGED FOR TWO YEARS under flawless conditions enhances its naturally sweet flavor, extraordinary aroma & exceptional length.

When cooked, each grain stands proudly separate, is richer & fluffier & elongates more than three times its original length.

Undoubtedly Nature’s Longest Basmati Rice, Taj Royal Vintage is magnificent & truly blissful. Yes, it’s expensive & best saved for the occasional treat.

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